Илияна Крумова
"Dream as if you will live forever. Live as if you were going to die today. "
Вірші Всі
A lesson..
When you need a person and he is not in pain ... When you are with this person you are calm and you lack nothing .. When you leave and ask yourself yesterday, everything was fine, now what's wrong? ... When you rely on someone for something and he betrays you it hurts even more ... But one thing I learned live with the pain of everything. This pain is life It hurts today, it hurts tomorrow, it hurts another day and so on for years ... You get used to it hurting you and strange as it may seem, you prefer it to hurt you than to be without the one you relied on until the end. And yes, when you have a job, whatever time you find time for your neighbor, for the one who prefers to accept you because he loves you. Instead of like most replacing you with another who will be just because YOU are missing ..! Just loneliness when you are without the one you rely on and love hurts!
My gift is you..
Today you are at the top, tomorrow at the bottom, Today you are happy, tomorrow unhappy, you are here today, you are gone tomorrow. Life is full of surprises and I thank him that he gave me you!
The strong woman...
Eyes red, swollen with tears, a room cluttered for several days, hands abraded by glitter in the walls, a heart broken by much sorrow ... Get up! Put on the best lipstick, expensive perfume and some makeup. Do not show your weakness, let them see that you are a strong woman. Smile even if you cry, postpone all tears for later, put on a happy mask. Then, as soon as you come home, fall to your knees and take everything down, you will not get rid of the pain, pour out your soul ... Because no matter what you do, sometimes you are left alone in grief and memories ... 😶