I like to write and love wolves, aspire to be an author if at all possible.
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Love- the reality of pain
Listen,listen to my heart... a beautiful Melody, you turned into a broken song. You're like a drug, and I became an addict. My emotions, yea; I know, They're like a rampaging storm. The pain, the love, it hurts... But to be fair, you caused this!. It hurts thinking about you!, It hurts breathing, knowing everyday, someone else is making you happy. It's painful, painful to know, that, that I wasn't good enough. I thought, since, we were always together, that we, we could become something. I thought, loving you would be enough. But no, I was wrong. I learned, I learned no matter what we try, no matter how hard you push, some things, some things just can't be forced. I learned, we can't always get the girl/guy, sometimes life doesn't go as planned. But what hurts, what hurts the most, is learning, just because you love someone, with every fiber of your being- they aren't obligated to love you back!. They can go on with their life, as if nothing ever happened!, They'll leave you broken, and in tears, wondering what you lacked. "Is it me?, am I just not good enough?, do I lack something, that deem me irredateable?" It hurts....
Crying boy
A boy and his mother walked into the store, he saw a small plush and dropped to the floor. The mother yanked and shouted stop, the boy started screaming and shouting his wants. Little did the boy know, she was drowning in bills and her stress level rose. People all around the store witnessed this boy throw his tantrum, no money for the plush and no way to calm him down. She started to look at the door, she walked away from her crying child, and without a care left the store. She never looked back not even once, she abandoned her child with no words to speak. All because she couldn't afford a toy. But does this make her a bad mother? For all who heard, she was most likely doing the boy a favor.
Things changed, I wasn't small like my sister, I wasn't young like my brother, came the time I turned 10 I knew I was alone again. my brother got the praise, my sister got the love... Me I got to look on the outside looking in. It wasn't all that bad because I still had a place to sleep, I still had food to eat, but one day, late at night my parents took a trip first light. I'm alone with two kids twice as younger than me, a young mind, without knowing what to do. no idea of when they were returning, no clue of how they felt about me. My words locked up my heart buried deep. What will become of me? Questions I asked on a daily. Still, no word from mommy and daddy, abandoned and alone, I look at my twin siblings and a look of pure hatred started to surface. I knew it wasn't they're fault, but my heart betrayed me. I blamed them for my suffering, and cursed them for breathing. They cried and cried and begged for our parents, I couldn't endure it any longer. Just a kid with no where to go. I left out the front door like my parents did before, and just like that I left my siblings to fend for themselves. Now 16 and it got me wondering, what ever did happen to my beloved twin siblings?