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The Sun To His Planets
🌞🌛 Ever wondered why happiness never lasts? It's because we take happiness for granted. And I'm sure happiness feels sad too. So one day she decided to keep her dignity and walk away. Little did she know that her worth was way more than what we made her believe. Wiping her tears all along, she stared at the sky for a while, and smilingly, I told her a story. One day, all the planets decided that they did not need the Sun anymore. The Sun, who felt so hurt when the whole universe made him feel unwanted, just turned off, into a huge and cold mass of sadness. Do you know what happened to the planets? She did not understand, I continued... They faded away into the universe, with nothing to hold on to, no gravity, no love, like abandoned souls, roaming towards an unknown destination, realising that there'd be no light at the end of the tunnel. That's when they started to feel sad. That's when they realised that what they had, was worth more than the billions of stars surrounding them. And that's when they felt the freezing pain of craving his warmth again. Like the Sun, Happiness is what makes life possible. She is the hope in this hopeless world. Just like the Sun to His Planets, do not dim your light just because the blindness of others unables them to see that you shine. She smiled at me, gazing at the sunrise, and whispered, 'Let's go home' And I finally felt my heart beat again. - lorestla 🌻