Jennifer michelle Julietta
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The Afterlife of This Life
Різне, Думки вголос, Цікаве
Angry with everything
Потрібна допомога, Думки вголос
Whatever is...
Думки вголос
Вірші Всі
Take Credit for the Blame
Tonight's cuts were done, from the comfort of my bed. I'm sure they were seen - they had to be. But it's just one more thing, you won't bother to speak. & I already know better, than to voice my displeasure. Seeing as my words are only overlooked, for everytime I try. Only to realize, that I might as well had lied. I generally keep to myself, & I help in small ways. But with every problem you start, I can't keep taking the brunt, can't always take credit for the blame. But it's forever my fault, except when it's not - but then, you just turn & walk away. Leaving me alone again, covered in my shame.
Can Only Feel Myself
I'm scratching the wounds from yesterday. Taking it in - feeling the pain. When I can only feel myself, & the others who fill the void. What's it all to matter? I've already obviously made my choice. So why must you forcibly make it matter? Completely ignoring the level of my voice. & as I'm already dead, more or less. As is the next, just as the last. What's the point in caring, for how one ends up? When we're all simply stuck, where we happen to lye (within every lie). & we're all only living, until the day we finally die.
Already Done
I cut myself. One day I will kill myself. I hope to be the only reason for my next meet with death. I really can't wait, to take my last breath. 3rd time's the charm/ 3 strikes & I'm out. Only then, will I gain, everything I've ever hoped about. Of all I ignore. Of all I never could. Waiting, is what really kills me, again. Only for everyday I reawake. & I forever hate the next breath I take. 3 more weeks, & then, I can start again. May not help anything. But not even trying, gives only what I expect to come. & with no options, if I do stay, I'm already done.