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The thunder roars while sky is dark, Above the endless foaming sea. The fight of waves, the play of spark, Cold water washes mountain scree. A lightning lit the pick of rock, Denuding gloomy shape of it, And I can hear the gale’s talk, While standing still on windy steep. I stand – assume the awful truth, Pursuits of all the forces live, Who punished was for useless sooth, Or could not real feel achieve. Around whom this poison’s spilled From slander cup to disapprove. Around the rock, so sly and thrilled, You dance in flame of deadly move? Oh no! – Keep flying, restless flame! Keep wistling, bluffing with your wind. I’m hear, staying calm for blame. And trembling’s unfamiliar with me. P. S. Перевод стихотворения Лермонтова "Гроза"
I Saw a Dream
I saw a dream, and there were you, And there was coldness in your eyes. I wonder what a kind of true Made you become as cold as ice. And later I looked back to get a sense This empty glance was hellish call of past. It used to be a high and strong defense Against the world, the pain and me at last. You looked at me, and peering in your soul, I felt so lonely, as something vital died. And that is what I fear most of all - That nothing gentle will remain inside. Inside of you. Inside of me as well. And nothing will be said to farewell.