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perfect moments
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I want to forget that I am your friend.
Цікаве, Думки вголос, Потрібна допомога
Цікаве, Особисте, Думки вголос
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I will wait
I sit and look at our old pictures. under the stars of the night before Every story never fades. still in the heart of me The days passed as if not long ago. Another memory of yesterday is far away. But still miss the beautiful days The day you and I still walk side by side Still humming the love song that we used to sing together that day again walking back to the original place The second place we've been through Her smile never faded. still in my heart The days passed as if not long ago. Another memory of yesterday I miss you (I'm still the same as always) Do you think the same? (But I don't know if you'll miss me or not) I miss you oh Will you miss me? The horizon is not too far, the sea is not too deep. Reach out, no matter how far I'm going to meet No matter how high the cliff is, I will climb up to meet you. love no matter how far I will go to your heart because I know that you are worth a lot Won't let you lose, woah even if you have to exchange All my life I have, I agree. Do whatever it takes to tell you that I love you so much. (will) do everything Even if you have to buy it with your heart (will) do whatever it takes to make me shout to the sky or what to do To... be in your heart Forgive me, I'm a good person. It's the person who loves you so much. This person. will not make her suffer and be sad where i stand it's the original place The last time we met There are hundreds of thousands of stories The place we love, have you forgotten? to be far away too lonely like being abandoned in the middle of the sea amidst the fierce wind can never blow a heart Mine has changed Are you thinking of me? Has the word love faded? How has the sky changed But I'm still the same Do you know.. no matter how lonely I have to be? I'll just wait for you Take the opportunity of being left out of no one. Let her be confident that I can only love .. you turn around please just one more time and will find that there is a heart that loves you, cannot love anyone can't change heart You can change me
this song for you
There are many songs. may be a sentimental poem But there isn't a single song to appreciate. and freeze the heart as desired So sing this song instead message in heart If one day you hear If you happen to be interested Will there be that you feel nervous? or just a little poke in my mind I just want at least think of the person who sent it to you When she listens to this song I may not be beside you can't see the look in her eyes How did you feel when listening? There is a verse in this song. that want to hear a lot I love you with all my heart I kept it and didn't dare to tell it for a long time. no sharp words The melody is not satisfying But it captures all the feelings of love every memory in the breath would be meaningless It wouldn't be because if I didn't love you. Someone secretly loved her Secretly unable to hold the sentiments of gratitude So I gave this one song instead of overflowing love If you don't have a heart Just keep it in your heart. Only you is the answer that this song is a song because because of you
dry leaves
Are you the one who walked in and made my heart flutter? Like the top of a tree branch that can only be touched by the wind Like the wind when the leaves have to fly away Did you just walk in for a while? Like the wind that just blows by, isn't it? She made one person to dream. and just walked away ** Do you know yourself? That day you hugged me How much does it change a person's life? Do you even know? The words that you kept telling me How did it change this person's life? Was it you who pulled me up from a bad day? But you left me to fall It's just a leaf Could be just that 🍂🍂🍂 This poem was given to my first love that he was a hundred thousand miles away but I still remember our story well, hope he can read it someday.🤍