A college student. Who reads to much. Who likes to write. With a collection of books.
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Most men don't understand most women. When they tell them they rather chill. Get to know each other. Understanding. Is to wait don't rush into a relationship. Two months, three months. Is not enough to get to know that person. To hope into a relationship. You don't have to go on a date right then. There may be at least in between. The third or second month a date or two could happen.
Now I'm confused, I thought love was for us to use in a way to amuse, better yet fill our hearts, not to abuse.. I feel torn between what I thought was to be and what apparently now is "The End" of you and me... I fell in love for all the right reasons, I listened to my heart and every second it was beating.. For you and for us and the future that was or is now all a dream.. I'm confused because now nothing we had is what it seemed.. Lies have unfolded, my heart has been deceived.. You were it's every beat and the reason that I breath, But you chose to throw that away and rip my heart out of me.. Now I stand alone, mind gone, hole the size of your hand in me.. You stand there with that smirk you wear, my heart still beating in your hand as you're ready to leave.. You walk away and take away everything I thought I need, To survive on which I rely, but wait I'm still breathing.. Now I'm confused because who knew life without you could be achieved.. You never made me you only gave me a false sense of security.. Funny thing is you didn't win, my heart's not broken just bruised.. You throw it down attempting to break it, but I stand who's confused? ©2015-2018
Emptiness heart loneliness looking for someone to share without permission You came and took something from me. ""Heart"" you are a thief!! but somehow I didnt get mad I smiled you're a thief that I wanted thief of my heart <3 "thank you for saving me from loneliness"