Dog with no name
Pawpy is the best
Chocolate boy
Days become warmer
Evgenia needs help
Chocolate bar
The man in the forest
Start again
Guys with guns
Chocolate bar
Next day
Pawpy is looking strange. He is running and running. And when my mom opened the door he ran outside. I ran after him. We came to Evgenia's new house. Fortunately, she opened us. After all that happened.... Pawpy gave Evgenia the lead. We were running and I was telling Evgenia what have happened. After 5 minutes we came to the police station, where Evgenia saw her parents. Her mom started to cry. Evgenia ran to them. Maybe it's the best moment in her life. They were hugging. Then we got to know, that police've found Evgenia's parents. They were scared but alive. They didn't know who was their burglar. That is still police's work.
Pawpy is a hero again! That's good but quite strange that my dog is a hero. And everyone is shocked how my dog could knew about Evgenia's parents. Maybe he smelt them.
Evgenia was talking with police and her parents. And I was with sleeping Pawpy. He was slipping in officer's hat that fell from his head almost an hour ago, when we came. The officer is waiting for his hat. But I don't think that Pawpy will wake up into a few minutes. Maybe, now it's his hat. 😁
They were talking for hours and I fell asleep again. When I woke up, I saw chocolate bar in my arms.
" Who gave me this chocolate?"  asked I.
" I don't know. A boy," answered the officer, that is still waiting for his hat.
I couldn't see Evgenia anywhere. They went and left me alone.
I awoke Pawpy and we went home.
When we came I saw that my computer was linking and I saw :" You have one message"
It's from chocolate boy.
- I thought you like milk chocolate.
- Yes. Thanks)
- Pawpy need a hero name.
- Yes. But Pawpy is the best name for him. He likes it.
- I think so. I was happy to see you.
- And I didn't see you.
- That's good. When the time will come you will see me.
- You are strange!
- You are the same.

That was all. Then Pawpy started finding his food. I helped him with this "difficult" work.
The day was quite strange for all of us. But I was happy to see Evgenia's parents alive....
© Lera Zip,
книга «Broken paw».
The man in the forest