Dog with no name
Pawpy is the best
Chocolate boy
Days become warmer
Evgenia needs help
Chocolate bar
The man in the forest
Start again
Guys with guns
Evgenia needs help
I cannot be detective. For example, almost a week ago I didn't noticed that my class teacher became bald. Earlier he had long hair. Shorter than mine, but long. Everyone has noticed that but not me.
But I should find or just help the police. First I should go to Evgenia. She needs some help. She is in her grandmother's house. The only family of Evgenia she had that time. Police hasn't found a burglar yet.
I came to Evgenia. Of course with Pawpy. When I came Evgenia was crying her grandma can't stop her.
She was destroyed and killed emotionally. All Evgenia need is to return her parents. OK. I will do that. Definitely.
But first I have to read a book how to be detective. I mean " Catchers".😉
So, how to be detective?
© Lera Zip,
книга «Broken paw».