Dog with no name
Pawpy is the best
Chocolate boy
Days become warmer
Evgenia needs help
Chocolate bar
The man in the forest
Start again
Guys with guns
My day started with big cup of tea. I love tea. No matter summer or winter is outside. Tea will save world once. I believe in it. Of course, it's only joke. I love tea with chocolate. 

But I forgot that I am living with Pawpy. I got up to wash my hands and when I came I didn't see any chocolate or tea. But I saw little puppy with dirty chaps and eyes that ask me for more chocolate. But I want to eat chocolate too. Of course, I've eaten it by myself. Chocolate is bad for dogs.

I've found new chocolate bar. I've never eaten it before. I opened it and saw a piece of paper and a letter on it.
" Hi, it's me. Chocolate boy. I want to see you. I think that the time came. Waiting you near your school. You can left Pawpy at home."
I've became more happy. Pawpy started barking at the letter. He tried to tear it into the pieces. But I was faster. I wore my best dress and heels. It's a little bit uncomfortable. Pawpy don't want me to go.  But I want.
© Lera Zip,
книга «Broken paw».