Dog with no name
Pawpy is the best
Chocolate boy
Days become warmer
Evgenia needs help
Chocolate bar
The man in the forest
Start again
Guys with guns
Chocolate boy
This morning started so good. I am going to go to Polly every day. She started talking a few days ago. And first her word was Pawpy. Unusual first word.
Her parents said that her playing with me and him helped her to became happy child. And she usually heard me and her family talking about Pawpy.
Her new surname is Wilson. So now she is Polly Stephanie Wilson. 

Pawpy always wants to play with her. But sometimes she starts crying. She is still afraid of that dog when he came closer.

When we came Mr Wilson asked me to help. He know that I am good at working with computers. So he asked me to write one text on the computer. This text was about divorcing. I started to cry. But, Polly must have good family. My crying heard Mrs Wilson. She asked : "Why are you crying?". "Sorry, but I red about your divorcing with Mr Wilson," answered I. Mrs Wilson started to laugh. "It not my divorcing. My husband is a lawyer. And this is his job. She asked you to help, because he wants to spend more time with his little girl," said Mrs Wilson. I said sorry, but nobody was angry. I said, that can make this job almost every day and don't want to have money from it. I asked Mr Wilson only to spend more time with Polly.

I remember my childhood: my father didn't want to spend any time with me. He always says that have no time. I know that it's not true, but it's his choice. He prefers working or playing computer games to spending time together. 

Now, I should go. I said bye to everyone.

In the evening
I am chatting with a boy for about a year. But I don't know his name. He call hisself "Chocolate boy". I don't know why. He tried to say nothing about him. But he knows everything about me. And my dog. Firstly, I was afraid of this message:"Hi. How is Pawpy?". That was a message into a few minutes after I gave a name to my best friend. I think that fall in love. He always congratulate me when I have a birthday. Once, I've invited him to my birthday party. But he said, that want to be anonymous until I will be ready. Ready for what? That questions isn't going out from my head.
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книга «Broken paw».