Dog with no name
Pawpy is the best
Chocolate boy
Days become warmer
Evgenia needs help
Chocolate bar
The man in the forest
Start again
Guys with guns
The man in the forest
I tried to talk with Evgenia, but no she must be always in police station.
Pawpy was always with me. It seems like his can feel what I feel. That's strange. When I am thinking about Evgenia, he is coming to me. Just like he is a man.
One day, I was chatting with Chocolate boy and telling about Evgenia. Pawpy started barking at me. I stood up and he ran right to the door. I knew what to do in this situation. I need to open it. But I didn't want to go. But had to. Now I am happy that opened this door...
Pawpy ran and of course I was running after him .
We came to the forest. I heart children's voices. They were asking for help. I also heard adult's voice. He was saying that there is no people in this forest.
When I came closer, I saw 3 children (at the age of 5) and one man. He was holding a gun. He was trying to kill children, but when he saw a dog, he thought that it's police's dog and ran away. Pawpy helped him to ran quicker.
Children were afraid of me, but I said that will call to the police and they started to trust me.
When police came, they asked how could the dog knew about it, but I also don't know the answer for this question.
Children told that the man was their father, but their mom(his wife) said that she loved her children more than him. And he took them to the forest to kill. He was crazy. He was a killer previously, so he knew how and where to kill...
Pawpy is a hero again. But is it good?

Next day

Someone called from the police station and asked me to come. I knew that voice.
When I came I saw Evgenia. She was sitting and waiting for me and Pawpy. She hugged me and said that she was in the village with no connection so she has no chance to call.
Killer was found! We are all happy to hear it. It was the man from the forest, so Pawpy is a double hero. Why I am not surprised?
© Lera Zip,
книга «Broken paw».