Clary Lorraine
Вірші Всі
Chaos is not Love,love is chaos.people believe it's a disease that has a cure,that it's the problem and the solution is a desire,not a fairy tale.Love is a path,a path that's easy to get lost on. love is a curse,disguised as a blessing. love is good while it lasts,but when it's over you wish it never began.say love is important,of course your love for your family is infinite.Im talking about the kind of love that ruins,that ruins you in the most beautiful way.My answer to "what do you think of love" is that love is everything yet nothing at the same time.... Clary xx (MY ANSWER TO 1 OUT OF 100 QUESTIONS)
Forbidden love
Forbidden love,its what we had my beloved dove.Your kiss,made me feel a bliss.Your smile,lit up the world even on the darkest of days.You were my light in the darkness,my air when I couldn't breath.You looked Beautiful,the way your eyes glistend in the sun.Your laugh,that echoed in my head.When you turned away,I felt more then pain,I felt as if I was fading away.Slowly,I lost hope in your return,and my heart burned and the ashes found it's way to your heart,but you can't love what is unlovable,you can't love me when there is nothing left of me. There might be errors,but I tried my best as I do not speak English very well. ~clary