His Love, Her Play
Heart was empty so was her love Promised a lot yet didn’t cared One second he was his world In other one, nobody! He did everything for she ignored Left the world for her yet she left him All thing was secret so was her emotions Still he cared, still he cries! Day passes she became stone Life was hell , world shattered Relations were gone family left behind Yet he prayed for her! One day she left for another one In single second everything was up-down He broke down couldn’t handle anymore And remembering her face, he left the world!
2018-09-15 17:37:58
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Question 1?/Вопрос 1?
The girl that questions everything,is a girl that needs many answers.She wanders the earth trying to find the person that can answer her many queries.Everthing she writes has a hidden question that makes her heart ache and her head hurt.She spends days writing sad story's that she forgets her sad life.Shes in a painful story that never ends,she's in a story that writes itself.The pages in the book were filled ever so easy,because her heart wrote it for her.She spent her life being afraid,that's what made it so boring.Finding her passion was easy,but fulfilling it was the hardest part of all.Her writing may be boring and sad,but it's what keeps her sane. "She had all the questions in the word,and he had all the answers." Lillian xx
Шукати святе в почуттях
Я пам'ятаю. Вибач, я все пам'ятаю. Чому цей біль ніяк не зникає? Час його береже. Мене він, ламає Й душа в нім палає. Пробач за все. Чого ж зберігаю? Усе це лякає. Себе забуваю і душу вбиваю, Та біль все живе. Серце згорає, Розум втрачаю, думки покидають. Ненавиджу це, понад усе. Тебе забуваю. Звички зникають. Віри тепер немає. Кохання вбиває. І допомоги вже не чекаю. Завжди щось втрачаю. Хтось уже добиває, не знаючи це. Можливо, шукала в цім світі святе, Та я не знала, що воно в мені є.