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~️Hi I am Lillian~18&16 ~♡shadows♡~
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goodbye for good
Please stop
Новости, Личное
I'll be back soon/я скоро вернусь
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Go away/Уходи
A life of confusion,My own illusion.The voices shout and shout,I cover my ears and hide my tears.The rain makes me smile,the sun makes me cry I need say my goodbye.I scream"GO AWAY" but instead they stay.I can't go to sleep they haunt me in dreams,all I can hear is screams upon screams.They tell me to lie,but I'd like to see them try.My mind is locked,And I've lost the key,I can't let them free.Why me? What did I do to deserve you. I used to be pure,until these voices started to occur.They call me a phyco they call me insane,but there is something wrong with my brain.They say that I'm weird they say that I'm strange,but I would do anything to change.They look at me and laugh,but in the end it's my path.My fists clench my eyes narrow,then I remember I need to stay calm because the third times a lucky charm. Lillian xx
Sinners or saints/Грешники или святые
Sometimes you have to be wrong,to be right.Sometimes you have to love,to be able to hate.The world is a complicated place,no matter how hard we try to understand it we fail.We think we save the saints and destroy the sinners,but saints are sinners in descise.Im one step ahead,And your one step behind. We are playing a never ending game of cat and mouse.The difference is we are both cats,chasing victory catching our prey.We are all the same in different ways,we are all connected as souls of sinners and souls of saints.How can you tell which ones which,well the answer is you can't you just have to guess and find out for yourself... Lillian xx
Fathers Day
You know when you love someone so much,that you can't I'magine a world without them by your side. You know when they are your light in the dark,when you always want to be by their side. You know when you have lost so much,that it never occurs to you that you might loose someone who means the world to you. You know on a rainy day,you are my sunshine and without that I wouldn't be the person I am today.So thank you da for always being my shoulder to cry on,so thank you for everything. Lillian xx