05-06-2005 💙 БsШ & К8Ц, в обормотовой секте; маленькая и со щёчками.
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Oh gods, I still love you. It's crazy, my angelic devil, Yes, dangerous but true. And you can't stop it never. Just let me gently say: - I will find you again, - And watch to the sea waves While you will stroke my head. I can love, I can keep Secrets and make you laugh, So of course I can leave And slowly kill you from within heart. Many evening messages, That are written with the hope of meeting - They are my reasons For bright smile and dreaming. But I don't, I don't seriously know What to do without you. My pulse is low. All memories about our moments together Makes me say: I am with you always & forever. Oh demons, I really… fall in love And put on pink glasses again. Dreams raise me to the clouds… We will need another rain. There is rap in my headphones, And I keep thinking about the meaning of life. But all thoughts converge to you slowly… It's our spring, sunset and stars in the sky. Like a strongest poison in the world, Like a hope in your blue eyes, Love can't to be sold, But it emotionally can shine. Where you at now? I think that I don't wanna sorry, But I broke, I broke your heart So you and me are worry... Whatever, stay with me, Because memories are never die. And only let me see How you will be happy & fly. © (Copyright, 2019) ⓝⓞⓡⓐ ________ Перевод на русский (не дословный):
Don't know what to do
I wanna making you laugh, I wanna making you smile. Please do not kill this love, I'm only touched you while You was wondering by my warmth. I don't know what to do without you; So many days ago you brought Small hope into my boring life, too. Blue eyes like an immense ocean, Your first words like a dream. I'm fall in love with you more, However reckless it may seem. My little devilish angel With radiant smile, You are my own danger. I will always stay inside Your hot heart. You taught me, that memories Are never die, So for me it isn't very dangerous. You are here, but at a so long distance Of many kilometers in eternity. Your care and worry about me amazed My heart. Next to you is no adversity. I don't know what to do without you, My first and single soulmate. Don't kill this love, don't kill me too... Our love appeared from my hate. It is a turning point now, So what will you choose? Yes, you don't know, how... But we really cannot lose! ____________ And there is nothing more pleasant yet than to feel the love of a person who hates everyone now. Перевод на русский: © (Copyright, 2019) ⓝⓞⓡⓐ
Color my heart
Just now don't let me go! I wanna feel your warm embrace. I won't let anyone hurt you anymóre. Right now remember many days When we were happy together... One love, two hearts, big distance. My first and beautiful love, forever. There are no other ways For now to smile calmly. See you really is only my dream. And I just wanna to be happy... You give me many reasons for it. Online. Prints. New message. Seen. Happy smile. Win. So it's a challenge How don't stop loving through the screen. _________☆________ Dedicated to one person who always supports me, makes me laugh and happy... Thank you so much ❤ Перевод на русский: © (Copyright, 2019) ⓝⓞⓡⓐ