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Final Chapter
Where He Concedes Dwanye
Everything was going well.

The Clàn was rejoicing over the appearance of the White Fairy in our land. I was overwhelmed by the feeling that clustered in me.

Not only that, but also flustered from the presence of my lifemate in front of me, looking at me with wide, panicked eyes.

Until she passed out in my arms.

The panic that hit the Clàn was instantaneous, not as much as the fear that gripped my heart.

I acted on basic instinct and carried the female up in my arms as I hurriedly made my way back to the compound.

The Clàn tried to follow after me, but I gave them one firm glare which put them in their place. I wasn't in the mood to deal with anyone right now other than my lifemate.

I could hear their worry and concern behind me but thankfully, Mickey and Torin stepped in to assuage their fears.

The moment I entered the compound, I headed for the healer's den. My worry increased when I felt my female's body temperature increase.

With fast lighting speed, I barreled into the healer's den without preamble and settled my female on the sleeping area.

''I need your help!'' My voice sounded slightly panicked as I called the Healer out.

I never once moved my eyes from my female's body, so attuned to the rise and fall of her chest and mesmerised by her smooth, and creamy skin.

A wave of possessiveness washed over me when I realized that her legs and arms were bare. My features contorted into a scowl at the knowledge that her unclothed skin was displayed for all the males to see.


I was momentarily shocked at my reaction. The intensity of my emotions threw me off guard. Never had I felt an emotion so strong and that scared me a bit. I liked knowing everything, I liked being in control of my actions.

Annoyingly so, this female managed to break through every barrier I've built. She slowly warmed her way through my heart and elicited unknown feelings that I couldn't control.

And I didn't know whether to be worried by the fact that I wasn't bothered by her actions or anxious about not being in control.

''You called for me, Young Alpha,'' the Healer's scratchy voice replied.

A swirly, blue mist materialized out of thin air. As it slowly disappeared, the blue mist gave way to a dark silhouette hovering above the ground. The more the dark silhouette came to, the more her physical form became visible until I could see her body.

I exhaled in relief. ''Please tend to her, Wise One. I fear she may be gravely ill.'' I replied, without looking her direction.

The Healer took one look at her body and her eyes widened slightly in surprise.

''So the White Fairy finally made her appearance,'' she mused loudly.

''Wait, you knew she was going to come!?'' I yelled. Too in shock to say anything else as I faced her.

''I foresaw her arrival in my dreams. Her presence here will bring plentiful bounties, wealth and power to this Clàn,'' she replied in a daze.

''I sense her to be your lifemate.'' The Healer stated rather than ask, as if she already knew.

''Indeed,'' I nodded my head softly as my eyes drew itself back to my female. ''She is mine.''

''Why wise One? How could I get a White Fairy as my life partner?'' I was totally confused at this point.

The Healer simply smiled. ''The Creator has her reasons.'' I already sensed that was the end of the conversation.

She sent me out at once to treat my female, stressing on the fact that she worked alone.

That was how I spent the rest of the night a nervous wreck, pacing outside her den as I awaited the healer's prognosis.

By the time the sun had already begun to rise from the night's rest, Mickey, Torin and Hadö, my Wolfé, had already joined in on my vigil.

Now I was going crazy. What could have happened to my female that would take this long to heal her? Did I do something wrong by touching her?

''Alpha, wearing down the earth with your worry isn't going to give you answers. I know it must be difficult waiting, but be patient,'' Mickey pleaded. ''We are all worried for her too.''

I looked to Torin who also nodded his head in agreement.

They had both been standing to the side as they patiently watched me. Even though they never uttered a word and left me to relieve my restlessness, I was grateful for their presence.

Begrudgingly, I slightly calmed down and mumbled a gruff thanks in reply.

No sooner had he spoken than the Healer finally made an appearance. We all moved towards her as we awaited her verdict. Even Hadö stood stiffly, looking at the Healer with curious eyes as his upper muscles tensed in anticipation.

''She will be alright, Young Alpha. All she needs is uninterrupted rest.'' A chorus of relieved sighs rang through the air.

''What may have happened to her?'' Torin asked. His voice wavered slightly with worry.

''She was completely stressed out and her body couldn't handle it anymore.'' The Healer replied.

A tinge of guilt crept into me. It was all my fault that this had happened to her.

Had I known.

Hadö huffed his approval at the Healer's words. He brushed the sides of his head on my shoulders, his own universal sign for comfort.

I rubbed my hands fondly through the back of his ears, wordlessly thanking him for his support. He let out a content purr, giving me one last look before he abruptly turned and ran in the direction of the forest.

I guess he was going for a run.

As abruptly as she came, she vanished into thin air. A trail of blue smoke was left in her wake.

I wasn't surprised by her actions, already used to her disappearing acts.

Without wasting time, I entered into the den and headed straight for my female's sleeping form as I knelt by her side.

Mickey and Torin quickly followed me in. Both exhaled relieved sighs on seeing her resting peacefully.

Tension that I didn't know was in my body immediately washed away at the sight of her.

She looked well enough and her complexion wasn't too pale. I watched the rise and fall of her chest intently, before I finally agreed that she was okay.

I lowered my body a bit so that I could carry her fragile body in my arms, careful not to jostle her.

She is so small.

My female did not deserve to stay any longer in this den. It wasn't conducive enough for her.

''Are there any available dens that is not in use? Preferably close to my den?'' I directed the question to Mickey as I whispered softly, not wanting to wake her up.

Torin and Mickey gave me knowing smiles and I knew instantly that I was going to be in for a lot of teasing later on.

''Right away, Alpha, follow me.'' Mickey smirked openly showing his pearly whites. He left the den with us following his lead.

''Of course, we wouldn't dare place his woman far away from his reach,'' Torin continued.

I noted the sarcastic undertones in their statement which only made me more irritated.

''Enough you two!'' I gritted out in a harsh whisper. I swear if they woke my female up I  was going to strangle them both with my bare hands.

Their combined laughter boomed loudly as it attracted the attention of the Clàn. The happiness was infectious and I couldn't help but let out a tiny smile.

Knowing not to come closer because of my mood, the Clàn watched fondly from the sidelines as the two, full grown men bickered back and forth like juvenile males.

I adjusted her in my arms when I noticed their eyes on my female, eager to catch a glimpse of her once more.

I made sure to put my blank expression in place as we walked through the compound, not wanting them to think their Alpha had suddenly changed overnight.

Finally, the walk of shame ended as they abruptly stopped in front of a medium-sized den. The first thing I noticed was the distance from the den to mine.

I nodded my head in approval when I saw it was the perfect match.


Torin and Mickey noticed my actions and gave me matching, mocking grins. For the thousandth time I wondered how Mickey could tell my actions.

''Aren't you supposed to be blind?'' I narrowed my eyes suspiciously at Mickey.

Mickey rose one bushy brow. ''Sixth sense, Alpha,''

''Welcome to your abode, Your Majesties!'' Torin bowed down dramatically with Mickey following his actions.

''I do not have time for this.'' I hissed. I brushed pass the two of them and made my way into the den.

I did not pay mind to the decorations in the room, too concerned with the health of my female. I laid her body on the soft looking white fur and mentally made a note to thank the person who made this bedding.

I heard Torin and Mickey's boisterous laughter echoing in the distance as they walked away.

Finally, peace.

I took the time to study my female once more. Her head was framed with thick, black curls ending below her ears. I woved my hands through the short strands and hummed happily at its softness.

She moved closer to my touch, purring with content as a small smile played about her soft rosy lips.

I briefly wondered how it would be to feel her tempting lips underneath mine.

I shook my head to keep those thoughts at bay. A cute button nose adorned her lovely face and I instantly had the urge to flick it. Her eyes were closed and framed with long, thick lashes.

I brushed my thumb on her soft cheeks as I stroked them gently.

She looked so peaceful and beautiful as she slept. Like an angel.

A true fairy.

She looked so vulnerable and helpless. Even in her sleep, she seemed to curl into herself as if trying to avoid being hurt.

Even in her sleep she knew no peace.

A wave of protectiveness instantly overcame me. I will protect my female from any harm and danger and do everything I can to keep her safe.

Even at the expense of my life.

Because she is mine.

Any doubts I had vanished into thin air and in place bloomed hope and so much adoration for this female. I was not going to avoid this, instead, I will embrace the change with open arms.

I was going to try with my female and make her happy. I was going to replace every memory of her painful past with so much warmth and happiness that she would forget her pain.

I would do all that for her.

Because she is mine.

And I'm wholeheartedly hers.

One more chapter before the end of this book! I hope you're as excited as I am to see how it turns out. This was the longest chapter I've written so far and the next chapter may or may not be as lengthy as this. Maybe even more.
© Azeemah Jimoh,
книга «Dark Places (a werewolf story)».
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