Where He Dominates Dwanye
Where She Decides Tara
Where He Rules Dwanye
Where She Ventures Tara
Where He Seeks Dwanye
Where She Stands Tara
Where He Learns Dwanye
Where She Unveils- Part One Tara
Where She Unveils- Part Two Tara
Where He Realizes Dwanye
Where She Realizes- Part One Tara
Where She Realizes- Part Two Tara
Where He Concedes Dwanye
Final Chapter
Where She Realizes- Part Two Tara
As quickly as the events of last night played out in my head, more memories followed in its wake.

Each left me in a confused haze.

Before I could question them to assuage my curiosity, the females abruptly led me away from the pond and veered through another path without giving me the chance to express my feelings on the matter.

Not after they had throughly oiled my skin with scented oil and carefully primmed me in a white, silky-smooth attire as if their lives depended on it.

I barely remembered how I got to the clearing. I was in shock all through the way to register anything in mind.

It was only when we had suddenly stopped did I manage to snap out of my ephemeral state of shock. I looked ahead only to realize that we had stopped, or rather, interrupted a gathering of sorts.

Many people were gathered right in front of us as they formed a huge circle around this strange looking tree. Amongst them I subtly tried to locate familiar faces for the red-haired devil and South Paw but to no avail.

Their hushed whispers immediately died down the moment they could make out our forms from the shadows.

Expectant pairs of eyes zoned in on our direction, waiting for us to make an entrance as they all simultaneously shifted to pave way for us.

As if their blank faces wasn't enough of an incentive to raise my hackles, their action just managed to increase the precarity of the situation.

I wondered at the back of my mind if this was the preparation the red-haired devil had in Stock for me.

A trickle of fear seeped into my thoughts with the knowledge of what was to happen. A ball of nerves formed at the pit of my stomach which became heavier as seconds dragged by.

Lao turned to me. ''We shall make our entrance first before you follow,''

I desperately shook my head. ''Can't I come with?''

She gave me a sad smile in return and placed both hands on my shoulders as a gesture of comfort.

''It shall be well, Fair One. Do not despair.''

Her words only provided a sliver of comfort for me but I managed to comport myself as best as I could while I watched the women enter into the circle one by one.

Almost too soon it was my turn.

I could almost hear the sound of my heart as it tumbled wildly.

As I dragged up whatever self confidence I had left, I moved my feet forward.

I closed my eyes and concentrated on the feel of smooth grass beneath my legs, the texture of wet soil underneath my toes, the smell of nature as I inhaled its sweet scent.

As I stepped in the circle and came into light, the sound of collective gasps broke through my silent ritual.

I snapped my eyes open to find them all to their feets, looking at me like the females did at the pond. A look filled with much hope and shock.

To my utmost bewilderment, every single person dropped to the ground and looked to the sky as they placed their hands on their chest. They whispered words in a language so strange that I couldn't even place.

I was a little bit frightened at the intensity with which they spoke.

They continued speaking the strange language, only now they were facing me with hands right above their hearts, that and I could clearly understand every word they spoke.

They were pledging their life to me.

Their words hit me with full force as it made its way deep into my mind. The feelings I buried deep within my heart surged to the forefront with the intensity of a raging bull.

I couldn't hold back my emotions any longer  as they all hit me at once with a terrifying onslaught. Anger, pain, grief, every single emotion I've ever felt came back once more like nemesis.

A strange warmth course through me at that moment. I felt it as it woved deep into my mind and heart, weaving it's way through as it pushed all the darkness out.

The last piece of numbness crumbled around my heart. The sudden loss left me bereft for a moment from the burden I had been carrying for so long.

Then came an emotion I had always longed for, relief.

As soon as it came, the warmth left me.

I raised my head up and my gaze suddenly clashed with a pair of icy blues I had been yearning for.

I felt it again.

The pull that drew him to me. It was as if a veil had been lifted from my eyes and now, I couldn't find it in me to resist him anymore.

The pull became so strong that I took an involuntary step closer to him. I wanted to be in his presence, I needed to be be close to him.

Embarrassment filled me at my thoughts which made me stop, but he was having none of that.

He strode towards me with slow and easy step. His strong gaze never wavered from mine and the closer he got, the more I could feel my heartbeat dramatically increase.

The pull was stronger then, begging me to touch him. Just one touch.

When he finally stood in front of me, I took in a surprised gasp with the intensity at which he looked at me. I saw emotions filtering through his gaze, no longer enshrouded in his signature cold look.

It was as if he was letting me see how he felt.

Nothing could prepare me for what happened next. As his hands finally reached for me and made contact with my skin, I was suddenly hit with a barrage of emotions so hard it had me stumbling on my feet.

The pull thrummed with so much force and exhilarating emotions that I couldn't control it anymore. My knees felt like they were about to crumble.

As I succumbed to the feeling, I felt myself becoming weightless. A pair of warm arms steadied my fall and I had never felt safer than in those arms.

I felt comfort, relief and most of all, a sense of belonging.

Then I blacked out.

As the memory faded away, I felt a strange warmth rising to my cheeks. I placed my hands on my cheeks and instantly, the terrifying horror hit me.

Was I blushing?!

After everything that I remembered the only thing I could do was blush? All because some guy held me in his arms?

Only that he just wasn't any guy. I thought.

He was intimidating, scary, rude, arrogant and oh so gorgeous and hot and-

''What the hell is wrong with me?'' I groaned out.

With an indignant huff, I slumped down on the pile of fur as I petulantly wallowed in my embarrassment and naivety.

''Nothing is wrong with you,'' A smooth, baritone voice interrupted my thoughts.

I could recognize that voice anywhere.

It was the red-haired devil.

He was here.

In my den.

In my den?!

My eyes widened. I shot up instantly and found him standing at ease at the door of my den.

His stance was relaxed with arms hung loosely on his sides. Icy blues now a clear, warm blue like the skies, roved through my body like a sweet caress.

An involuntary shiver thrummed through me from his gaze.

His locks glowed a deep red today and complimented his skin nicely. Too nice, I thought when I caught a glimpse of his pectorals before glancing away.

I searched for something to say to him, anything other than the heavy, awkward silence between us.

He wasn't helping either with his intense, intimidating stare that made me nervous from his look.

As soon as I opened my mouth to say something, I noted with dismay that it was too late to stop the stupid blurt about to come out.

''Yo! What's up, Red?''

© Azeemah Jimoh,
книга «Dark Places (a werewolf story)».
Where He Concedes Dwanye