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Where He Rules Dwanye
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Where She Unveils- Part One Tara
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Where She Realizes- Part One Tara
Where She Realizes- Part Two Tara
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Final Chapter
Where She Unveils- Part One Tara
Two days.

That was how long I had been trapped in this cave-like prison. How did I know? Due to my hyperactive mind annoyingly counting  the seconds I arrived here up till this point.

Between the earthen pot provided for me to relieve myself with, and the constant chatter from outside these walls, I was about to go batshit crazy. Literally.

My throat was parched and energy depleted and any hopes of calling for help were destroyed. I bet that plan would go downhill since there was no one else to heed to my cry for miles.

As I moved my position from the bare ground and adjusted myself, dry grains of sand fell from my dry skin. My head was brought flush with the pole that had steadily became my companion these past few days. A dry sigh escaped my lips, breaking the silence of the den.

Story of my life.

With nothing to occupy my mind these past few days as paranoia threatened to unfold, I used that time to assess my situation from all angles and came to the conclusion that this sh*t was real.

This was the reality.

There was no possible explanation to suffice for the strange incident that happened prior to my arrival into this place.

The helpless feeling I experienced, the sensation of gut renching fear that coursed through my body, the feeling of preternatural forces that held me at bay while it took control of me.

Nothing could definitely explain that other than the fact that this was simply a supernatural phenomenon. One that couldn't be understood. I was quick to believe anyways, maybe because I had always had that feeling and firm resolution that there was more to our world than meets the eye.

Since the beginning of time, otherworldly creatures had existed among humans. Their tales, depicted throughout history, passed on from generation to generation. Witches, faeries, gods. There was no way we humans could spring up tales about supernatural creatures we claim to be purely fictional.

Cue the snort.

At least that was what I chose to believe. My encounter in the dark forest further was an eye opener. It made me more susceptible to the idea of otherworldly beings.

The question was, just what were these people?

The moment I asked myself that question, as if on cue, the flap of the tent suddenly opened wide.

Sliver of white light danced through the opening, momentarily blinding my poor eyesight which had gotten accustomed to the dimness of the room.

I involuntarily hissed out in discomfort and raised my hands protectively to cover my face. The moment I couldn't feel the impact of the light on me, I dropped my hands on my lap, only to come face to face with him.

There he was, my red-haired devil.

Wait, what! Did I just say my?

I disregarded my slip-up with a shake of the head as my eyes widened in shock at the wide, intimidating man sitting cross-legged in front of me.

Our previous encounter did not allow me to observe his features clearly, but now, with the glow of the fireplace highlighting his form, he looked almost earthen.

He had this kind of beauty that didn't pass off as gorgeous at first, but had the ability to hold you spellbound at a second, deeper look.

I had never seen a skin as rich and dark as his. The even skin tone glinted like an irresistible dark cocoa just waiting to be sampled. His berth, though not wide, still commanded authority and brimmed with power.

I had never met a man of his type. He was simply unique in his own way and for the first time, surprisingly, was the first guy I wanted to know more about. Out of genuine curiosity.

My dark past had already made its mark on me. As a result, I had no interest in men whatsoever. But as I sat here right now in front of him, getting to see all of this, how could my curiosity not be roused?

Icy blue gaze met mine head on as it washed over me like a tumultuous tide. It drifted down to my bindings which annoyingly, still held me down. His eyes glinted with irritation and dare I say, uncertainty ?

With lighting speed, he tore of the bindings so fast that I almost didn't see the action. A sigh of relief rushed out as I massaged the sore spot on my wrist.

''Why are you here, Tara?'' He started without preamble. Wild, red locks glinted fiercely from the glow of the fireplace. It made his features look harsh and predatory.

Taking in a nervous gulp, ''Will you kill me if I answer your questions?'' I mentally patted myself at the back for not stuttering like a fool.

The icy blue of his eyes narrowed and pinned me down with a stare that could intimidate the strongest of men.

I inhaled sharply at the turbulent emotions that ran through his gaze. How could he manage to look beautiful yet so deadly?

''Not if you acquiesce to my condition,'' he replied, after a momentary pause.

Exhaling a sigh of relief, I sat upright. ''Deal.''

His icy gaze widened slightly in surprise at my reply before it returned back to its piercing form. A surge of smugness rushed through me at the notion that I managed to throw the intimidating man off-balance.

I guess he must have noticed the smug look from my face because instantly, his icy blues leveled mine with an irritated scowl.

''Are you sure you want to go ahead with this?'' He asked once more.

I honestly didn't want to know what his conditions entailed, as long as it meant that I got out of this place and inhaled fresh air into my poor, deprived lungs.

A larger part of it had to do with me not wanting to chicken out once I got to know what he needed me to agree to.


''Very well,'' he stood up to his full height. Icy blues glowered at me from above as his red locks tumbled beautifully over his chest. ''I will inform the Clàn of your decision and preparations will be made in light of your situation.''

The sound of that brought all sort of torture skills and warnings to mind. I tried not to let that get to me, even though my mind was practically screaming at me for making a big mistake.

I nodded my head in approval.

For a moment, our gazes were locked. I could drown in those deep, fathomless pits and never want to come up. It was like a warmth was pulling me in, wrapping me up in its embrace.

The feeling was confusing and oh so comfortable. I couldn't draw my gaze away from his even if I wanted to and that thought instantly sent a sliver of panic through me, enough to break the spell.

The red-haired devil blinked as if he just came out of a daze. Icy blues instantly turned a stormy hue. It hinted to undertones of anger that wanted to brim forward.

An anger that was directed towards me.

''What do I get to call you?'' I asked, wanting to throw that anger off me.

For a fleeting moment, I didn't want to be the brunt of that anger. It didn't sit well with me even though I didn't know what I did to make him feel so.

Looked like it worked as his eyebrows furrowed in confusion before smoothed  back to his blank look.

''You have not earned that right, not until you fulfil my condition,'' his eyes roved over me with disgust and a hint of malice. ''And get yourself cleaned up.''

With that he exited in a flurry and left me an emotional, confused mess.

© Azeemah Jimoh,
книга «Dark Places (a werewolf story)».
Where She Unveils- Part Two Tara
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