Where He Dominates Dwanye
Where She Decides Tara
Where He Rules Dwanye
Where She Ventures Tara
Where He Seeks Dwanye
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Where He Learns Dwanye
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Where He Realizes Dwanye
Where She Realizes- Part One Tara
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Final Chapter
Where He Dominates Dwanye

Bright blue skies gave way to a stormy grey as it completely casted a dark blanket over the terrain.

Ferocious roars of the wind paled in comparison to the animalistic growls that hovered the air.

All was silent for a moment. A silence that seemed to hold the spectators spellbound. It even had the wildlife at still.

The serenade of crickets stopped, the hoots of owls now dwindled, all perched on top of branches as they watched the scene below. Even the annoying cackles of hyenas were abated.

My large Silverback took a protective step forward. Putting enough force to its footstep. Fur raised on his neck with a flash of fang pulled up in a dangerous sneer.

All actions of an experienced Wolfe putting up a show of dominance.

Its silver-green orbs glowed like a firefly in the darkest of nights. Not once did it move from its prey.

The opponent, an auburn coloured Wolfe growled out its displeasure at the show of intimidation. Matching the actions of my Wolfé, it took a step forward, making a show of its impressively honed muscles built for stealth.

With a raise of its foreleg, it desecrated the soil with its vile stench of urine. It did not move its eye away from my Silverback Wolfé as it released slow stops of urine.

My Wolfé tensed as it growled out its rage at the blatant disrespect shown by the auburn Wolfe. It was the highest form of disrespect to mark and claim another man's terrain by desecrating their honour in the worst way possible.

''Easy now.'' I soothed my Wolfé with a voice like the calmest of doves.

I placed my bear-like hand on the Wolfe's head, whispering an unknown language to its ears that instantly calmed the Silverback Wolfe.

A natural anger depressant for the Wolfe.
Muscles instantly relaxed slightly, but still enough to spring into action if I commanded.

''Who do I have the displeasure of meeting?'' I directed the question to the owner of the Wolfé-- the intruding male who stood before me.

A sneer met my reply as the intruder's Wolfe, the auburn coloured Wolfe, took a defensive stance. One paw placed forward and the other slightly off the ground with his hind legs parted-- ready to delve into the fight to protect its owner.

''It is I, Tamark, from the Storm Clàn. I have come to claim this land,'' The intruding male stated. Loud booming voice echoed as the wind swayed it towards my direction.

Tamark watched me. Eyes taking in my form from my dark skin slightly tanned and encrusted with dirt, thick arms covering a very large and broad chest-- sporting different battle scars, paired with a slim but fit waist, to a stormy blue eyes that glowed with a certain calmness- a calmness that seemed to grate on Tamark's nerves.

He seemed not to be fooled by the calm facade the Alpha male in me exuded in waves. Tamark's eyes glinted with the knowledge that I was no ordinary male. Instead a seasoned Alpha well experienced with the harshness of war.

Tamark's eyes portrayed an open challenge to my position. The greed in him, a dark green monster, came to the forefront to fuel his bloodlust.

''This is an already claimed land and you are trespassing,'' I replied. My Silverback Wolfe growled out the displeasure of being deprived to spill the blood of the intruder.

''Indeed it is claimed, by me, so I give you the option to surrender to me and join my Clàn or you leave this terrain at once,'' Tamark ordered as his dominace surged to the forefront.

''Before that, whom do I have the pleasure of kicking out?'' Tamark continued.

I watched as the intruder boasted and disregarded me, as if I were some juvenile shifter. That was his first mistake.
Never underestimate the strength of another shifter.

''You saunter into my Clàn with the grace of a cocky shifter and the mind of a spineless male. You desecrate my land like it were trash and dare lay a claim on the basis of your over pompous and insatiable ego,'' I bridged the space closer with a large step closer to Tamark.

''After all these demeaning actions you expect me to back off? You must be insanely idiotic to think me some raggedy male. I am Dwanye, Alpha of the Stone Clàn. Not only will I kill you, but also tear your insides out and impale your head on a pike for the crows to feed on!'' I voiced out my challenge.
I was not going to give up my Clàn to a spineless male like him.

He was undeserving of the title.

Tamark's face scrunched up in unbridled fury. The vein in his temple throbbed wildly with the effort he took to restrain his rage.

Terrestrial forces came together, mentally singing their war songs-- solely behind the Stone Clàn.

Hyenas began their maniacal cackles, dozens of crows fleeted in as they waited for the chance to feast upon sumptuous flesh, their beady eyes sunken, evidence of days worth hunger.

Mother nature's hidden support.

Tamark's face split into a mock grin, the brown of his eyes shone with a characteristic evilness. An odd sound began from his throat. It started with a soft grate of his pipes and ended with a deep rumble.

A call to the wild.

Answering rumbles returned back as the forest leaves from the tree line started to ruffle. A slight tremor emanated from the ground as its intensity increased

''I am the King of the Wild,'' Tamark sneered. ''Every patch of soil, every forest and Clàn belongs to me,'' as he talked, men started to come out of the treeline. All bulky and naked as daylight, each with their Wolfe beside them.

''This Clàn belongs to me and for disrespecting my name, YOU SHALL DIE!!''

With that a battle roar erupted amongst the men that flanked Tamark, each beating their chests with their fists as they stared at me with faces filled with bloodlust.

Their Wolfés came to the forefront with Tamark's auburn one leading. Animalistic growls filled the air with drools dripping out of their hungry jaws.

I narrowed my eye at the group, mentally counting and calculating their numbers and how best to disable them quickly.

Ten men, ten Wolfe.

If I were to attack them alone, I was sure to defeat their numbers, but that would mean I would come out with extensive injuries. My fate will be doomed to being cramped up in my den for weeks end as I inhaled the vile stench of my healer's herbs, ultimately subjecting myself to her hair-splitting excuse of a song.

I shivered slightly at the memory of my last experience with the cranky healer.
No way was I going through that stress once more, I decided.

As I concluded with a frown that Tamark seemed to mistake for doubt, the decision was taken out of my hands when I heard rustles from the Silverberry shrubs behind me.

My lips turned up ever so slightly as I recognized the faint, distinctive bear scent that drifted my way.

An average sized male came to stand by my side. His own white Wolfe trotted forward and flanked my Silverback Wolfe.

Despite the man barely reaching my bicep, he was a surprisingly ferocious male with unimaginable strength. A strength that assisted me in battles all these years. It was that strength I needed now.

His bushy eyebrow rose in my direction as if saying need some help?

I chuckled inwardly, sending an answering growl to my Beta.

Tamark's men laughed at us, they think themselves too strong to be taken down by our very small group. Even Tamark himself shook his head in amusement as they openly mocked our capabilities.

I shared a glance with my Beta, Mickey, whose cloudy eyes shimmered with bloodlust.

Understanding passed between us for the lesson we were going to teach the intruders.

With a single growl we plowed head on into the battle ground. All evidence of humanity discarded, leaving in place a monster.

Time to show these people the consequences of messing with my Clàn.

The man and Wolfé  in this case are entirely different, separate entities existing solely. There is no inner wolf and intense animalistic rages. There is only a slight bond, a connection of sorts between the man and his Wolfé, like an extension of the man's true form.
© Azeemah Jimoh,
книга «Dark Places (a werewolf story)».
Where She Decides Tara
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Where He Dominates Dwanye
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Where He Dominates Dwanye
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Where He Dominates Dwanye
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