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Final Chapter
Where He Realizes Dwanye
Clear, blue skies rolled out into twilight. The day swiftly passed by with me making preparations for the living situation of our recently added Clàn members.

Able-bodied juvenile males together with some experienced warriors and the new members, joined hands as they built dens at the north side location of the Clàn.

It was the only site where I had extra free territory aside from the large forest we usual partake our runs.

There was also another issue I blatantly ignored since morning, the issue I had already discussed with Mickey, Torin and some other warriors regarding the female in our custody. My people were already jittery about the presence of the female in their territory and were anxious about her punishment.

I had already decided, reluctantly, to subject her to The Conclave. I forced myself to admit that there was a measure of truth to the female's words and South Paw confirmed my suspicions in front of the others.

Aside from the obvious danger she posed to my Clàn, there was something odd about her. That something sparked a curiosity in me that I couldn't ignore. It was also the other selfish reason why I wanted The Conclave to occur, against my better judgement.

The Conclave, a procession that was rarely used as a form of punishment. It was one of our Creator's rule, a method used to enforce the justice system in a Clàn.

The Conclave cannot be held without the presence of the Creator's essence. It was a physical manifestation of her power brought to life and gifted to each Alpha of a Clàn, passed on from generation to generation of Alphas.

The Creator's essence is different in each Clàn. My travels to the Far South has made me witness to different representations of her essence. A particular Clàn, Fury Clàn, one I just recently made alliance with, had a living, breathing oracle as an essence.

The Creator's essence, in my Clàn, was gifted to my ancestors in the form of an ethereal energy, the Tree of Life.

As the sky became populated with stars, clouds dissipated and twilight peacefully receded. The moon had yet to make its appearance, I noted mentally.

The hour of Reckoning drew closer.

People had already left their dens for the location of The Conclave. Only a handful of elders and juvenile males and females remained.

''It is time, Alpha,'' Torin's voice called out from outside my den, drawing me back from my musings.

With a deep exhale, I forced out any negative feelings behind and placed on my blank mask before I stepped out.

Torin, Mickey and South Paw immediately stopped their murmured discussion, all levelling me with a respectful stare.

I brandished them with an assertive nod as we all made our way to The Conclave.

Whatever the deal was with this strange female who made me question my moral, the confusion all ends on this auspicious eve.


The night was still and full of nervous energy as it infused the atmosphere. The air was laden with heavy tension and whispers of the unknown fleeing from their lips.

We were all gathered around the Tree of Life, sitting patiently as we awaited the arrival of the female.

The Tree of Life stood tall and proud with branches thick enough to hold two thick able-bodied men.

Long, thick branches jutted from the apex of the stem as it spread outwards. Thinner branches stretched vertically with its tip curling inside, forming a protective cover for the object within.

With a frustrated grunt, I rose up from my position and assumed a warrior's stance, unable to quell the nervous feelings that arose in me.

I was a little anxious about the procession about to take place as I pondered on my decisions. Was this the right thing to do? Was I making the right call as Alpha?

Why the hell was I being nervous about this situation?

While all these thoughts bombarded my mind, a hushed silence ensued the gathering. The sound of soft footfalls got closer and closer. Slowly, the crowd parted to the sides allowing for their entrance while all eyes zoned in, waiting with abated breaths.

The first person to breach the circle was Lao. Wrapped in a soft, white, furry cloak with a small smile on her lips, she stepped forward with an awed look on her face.


Following her wake was Elora. We all knew her as the bitter, troublesome female who never smiled or laughed. So it came as a bit of a surprise to see the dramatic change in her. Her deep blue eyes which was usually filled with pride glinted with a little bit of admiration. Her harsh face, known to be permanently etched in bitterness excuded a relaxed facade.

What was going on?

Finally, Mali stepped into the circle and came to stand beside the women. A beaming smile was plastered on her lips and her eyes shimmered a little bit with tears.

I turned to South Paw and Torin who were just as confused as I was. Torin tilted his head to the side only to shake his head in bafflement.

Harsh whispers ensued within the gathering, each pondering upon the reasons behind the females relaxed and giddy behavior.

Unable to bear the confusion any longer, I cleared my throat to command silence. When the noise finally died down, I turned to face Lao.

''What is going on here, Lao?'' My question came out harsher than I intended.

Lao's hazel eyes widened at my tone. ''The answer requires a great deal of explanation which is best seen, My Lord.'' She bowed her head respectfully trying to ease my anger.

I didn't have to wait long.

I could feel the slight shift in the atmosphere, a slow, soft pulsing aura as it drifted closer to the gathering. Instantly, I knew the female was near. The knowledge of that baffled me as I had no idea how I could feel someone, much less the strange female of all people.

My breath hitched as the sound of her footsteps drew closer to the gathering. I could slowly make out her form in the shadows and when she stepped into the light, my heart stopped its hurried beat.

I couldn't breathe.

Oxygen left my lungs dry.

An emotion so strong surged to the front that it had me taking a step closer to the female before I stopped my actions.

Everyone jumped to their feet as they marveled at the creature standing before them. Their eyes glinted with hope as whispers of miracles rang through the crowd.

They all bowed down to one knee, eyes closed and head faced towards the moon. Right hands were placed above their chest as they laid down their vows.

''Creator of Wanderers and all things beyond, we accept your gift with gratitude and acknowledge your divinity. With our hearts we solemnly swear to honour your gift.'' They all pledged to the Creator.

I silently did my pledge internally while I watched the proceedings with pride.

At that moment, the moon decided to make an appearance. White, clear clouds surrounded the moon instantly, almost as if it were basking in its shine.

Its light streamed down on us as it covered every single person in its eternal light. A slow infusion of warmth seeped into our bodies as a silent acknowledgement of her prowess.

With a flash, the moon disappeared in a blink. All that was left were clear skies blanketed by arrays of stars and residual warmth that still throbbed through our bodies from the Creator's demonstration of approval.

Still bent on a knee, but this time around with hands placed directly upon their beating hearts, my Clàn turned towards the now surprised and frightened female with determination and loyalty clear in their eyes.

''With our hearts and might, with our loyalty and life, we surrender to the prowess of her divinity and solemnly swear to protect you from the dangers of this world, Oh Fair One.'' They all pledged fealty to the the female with clear conviction in their words.

When I looked towards the gaze of the female, her striking grey eyes pulled me in. It was a different kind of pull.

It wasn't the urge to instantly protect and shield her from any harm like the rest of my Clàn would be feeling.

It was the slow and sensual pull, a brimming emotion that demanded I provided, comforted and pleased her in every way possible.

I let it wash over me as I took slow and measured steps towards her. It felt like a daze. Nothing mattered other than getting to her and providing any form of comfort for the panic I saw in her eyes.

I couldn't comprehend the intensity of my emotions or the strange magnetic pull that tethered me towards her no matter how hard I tried.

The moment my hands made contact with her skin, an instant bright light shimmered between us, blinding everyone in its wake except the both of us.

It was in that moment that clarity dawned on me. I realized the reason why South Paw wanted to give her a chance and why Lao instantly took to the female.

It was also the reason why Mali, Elora and the rest of my Clàn wore hopeful expressions.

It was because she was the White Fairy.

And we all had no idea.

It was also then I knew why all attempts to quell the sudden feelings for the female proved futile. It was then I knew the reasons behind the attraction I felt towards the female and vice versa.

She was indeed a miracle bestowed upon us by the Creator.

My miracle.

My lifemate.

Say what!!!!!! 😮

© Azeemah Jimoh,
книга «Dark Places (a werewolf story)».
Where She Realizes- Part One Tara
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