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Where She Stands Tara
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Final Chapter
Where She Stands Tara

That was the first thing I felt the moment I came to. It radiated through my entire body and provided a strange, comforting feeling. I had never felt like this before.

I had almost willed myself to succumb to the feeling that I didn't realize the heavy weight on my wrist.

My mind instantly snapped open, rousing me from my daze. My eyes zeroed in to the object of my discomfort. To my shock and dismay, my wrist were currently bound by a tight rope to a large pole!

Struggling fervently against the bindings, I tried to get a sense of belonging.

Were was I? How did I get here?

I took one glance at my clothing and instantly, it jolted the previous events as it all came crashing down on me.

Memories filtered through mind that struggled to remain unbreakable, unrelenting against hidden elements that tried to bring it down.

Ominous looking forest.

Journey into Wonderland.

A Red-haired Hulk.

A psychotic, mangy wolf with jaws like that of the crocodilian species!

Okay I definitely remembered the last one.

I shook my head and closed my eyes, hoping and desperately wishing for this nightmare to end.

But Alas! My wishes weren't granted once more. Because as soon as I opened my eyes, I still found myself in all my bound glory.

I took a look at where I was trapped. It was some sort of a makeshift tent or hut made of mud, rocks and something that looked like shaft from trees. The shape of the tent, came down in an upside down arch. To be honest, the design very much reminded me of a wolf's den.

There was a fireplace right beside me, sufficing for the warmth I felt earlier. It was made with igneous rocks caked with red clay. The reflection from the fire, casted a warm glow around the room.

To my left, lined earthen pots of different sizes filled with God knows what. The entire floor surface was covered with some form of coarse hide, like that of animal's.

To my right laid beautiful arrays of furs piled in the corner. They were each toppled over one another, forming a nice, plushy surface good enough to sleep on and right there atop the soft surface, sat a man whose set of yellow orbs glowered at me!

I yelped suddenly, unable to control my surprise. Where did he come from? Had he been here all along while I was looking about? Perhaps he could be my companion trapped in this strange place too.

The orange glow from the fire allowed me to observe his features. He had a smooth, dark skin tone that glowed richly.

His head, sporting a low buzz in the middle and bare on both sides, were adorned with something akin to tribal tattoos.

Broad, thick chest, with fine dusting of brown hair, tapered down to a fit waist. A brown clothing covered his privates and ended a few inches above his knees. It gave way to a view of well corded thighs that peeked through his coverings. Let me not even start with his legs. He was obviously endowed but not as well endowed as the red-haired devil.

Speaking of the red-haired devil, where was he? I was about to ask him questions but he beat me to it.

''What is your identity?'' His deep, gravely voice purred out slowly, as if he had all the time in the world. The sound sent shivers all over my body and not even remotely close to the good kind.

''Excuse me?'' I wasn't expecting this.

''What is your identity?'' He asked once more, persistently.

My identity? What did he mean? He must have noticed the confusion on my face which further put a scowl on his and instantly hardened his features.

A soft growl rumbled out of his chest. ''Do not toy with me,'' he spat out. ''Which patriarchal lineage did you descend from?''

His deep voice thickened with deep rumbles that instantly created awareness of the situation.

Patriarchal lineage? Was he trying to ask for my name? I was confused, hungry and oh so tired. His questions weren't making sense. I was the one who is supposed to be asking these questions instead of him and why the hell was he speaking too formally?

I exhaled a weary sigh. ''I go by Tara Mason. Now could you please release me from these bindings so I can go my merry way? I'm hoping you're the one who tied me up?'' I asked, probing for answers and hoped that my answer justified his question.

His thick set of eyebrows deepened into the bridge of his nose. Soft yellow, almost golden eyes shone with confusion that I couldn't comprehend. What was so confusing about what I asked?

''No, you will not be released from these bindings,'' He said, affirmatively.

A small flash of anger flared in my guts. ''Why?'' I asked through gritted teeth. What the f*ck was he on about now?

''You are an invader. You came into another territory without permission, indirectly dooming your fate. You crossed our sacred borders which no one has done in the past 200 years. You are a threat and a potential danger to this Clàn and for that, Tara, you shall either be trialed by the Clàn's Elders, or through death. By execution.''

My eyes were widened at the intensity with which he spoke. He spoke with so much promise and determination that I didn't even doubt he would carry out with his words.

Clàn? Elders? Territory? What the hell was he spouting? Surely all these nonsensical words have got to be mere farce? I must find some sort of loophole out of this before I end up getting killed.

Funny enough how moments ago I had welcomed the promise of death and now I'm running further from its grip.

The irony.

Deciding the best course of action was playing along, I chosed my words carefully and hoped it would appeal to his good side.

''I didn't mean to offend you or y-your Clàn, I accidentally drifted off the road I was driving on and ended up in this place. If you could please let me go, I promise to leave in my car and never come back here. I can assure you that I'm not a danger to you or your Clàn please believe me.'' I tried pleading, making sure my voice was as soft as possible.

His silence made me think that he was considering my words. I hoped that he would agree with me so that I could run off to my car and escape this medieval nightmare.

''No.'' That single reply crushed all my hopes. It was funny how words, if not chosen carefully, could put someone down and crush the dreams and hopes of that person.

Well I must not give up.

There must be something I can do to stop this unfair and ridiculous treatment from happening to me.

''Well, what must I do? There's no way in hell I will go down easily so you might as well provide a second option,'' I rose my chin up in defiance.

Remember, keep up with the charade long enough so you can get your shit together and haul ass out of here.

I gave myself the required mental boost. I rose my eyes to meet his and found something brimming within those golden depths. Dare I say that it was admiration?

He rose to his full height as muscles stretched all over his body which I tried very much not to look at. He turned his back on me strode over to the mouth of the den. I was about to stop him from leaving when he turned around and looked at me.


''You shall get your reply when the sun is at its highest peak.'' He replied, vaguely.

Does that mean tomorrow afternoon? I asked inwardly, not wanting to upset him further.

As he was about to open the flap and make his exit out of the den, something suddenly struck me.


He halted in his tracks. Large shoulders tensed almost instantly as he slowly tilted his head sideways to show he was listening.

''What is your name?''

''What do you speak of?'' He asked, brusquely, still not looking to my direction.

''I mean what is your identity?'' I quickly corrected my slip-up and cursed inwardly for almost giving myself away.

He was silent for a moment before he replied with a grunt.

''South Paw.''

With that he weaved out of the room, leaving me all alone in this Wolf's den. With a relieved sigh, I rested my head against the pole while I tried to rest up as I was already weary from the terse conversation I had with South Paw.

Such an odd name.

But I liked it.

I'm confused as to know why all these was happening to me or the reason I came to be in this strange place, but I could only hope that I would not falter under what this Clàn had in store for me.

In as much as my decision to stay numb proved to be advantageous to me at the moment, I would surely not survive another mental onslaught.

Not without diving deep into the darkness.
© Azeemah Jimoh,
книга «Dark Places (a werewolf story)».
Where He Learns Dwanye