Where He Dominates Dwanye
Where She Decides Tara
Where He Rules Dwanye
Where She Ventures Tara
Where He Seeks Dwanye
Where She Stands Tara
Where He Learns Dwanye
Where She Unveils- Part One Tara
Where She Unveils- Part Two Tara
Where He Realizes Dwanye
Where She Realizes- Part One Tara
Where She Realizes- Part Two Tara
Where He Concedes Dwanye
Final Chapter
Where She Ventures Tara
With no residual guilt from my actions moments prior, and the excruciating silence  that enveloped the confines of the rusty vehicle, I resorted my mind to search for any sign that could pinpoint my current location.

I already knew that I was no longer in Kansas City, having bypassed its boundaries few miles back. The memory of my dreary life now stored in some deep, dark hole at the furthest edge of my mind.

Though my destination was unknown at this moment, the determination to move forward, away from my past, was my driving force.

Taking a deep sigh, I relaxed back into the seat and made myself comfortable as

I observed the moon.

It was full tonight. White light streamed down the earth with a vengeance as it illuminated every hidden corner that basked in the shadows of darkness.

Dark clouds momentarily obstructed the moon's ray. Despite the barrier, snippets of the moon's reflection still broke through, coincidentally lighting my path on the smooth road.

At that moment, I wished my life were a lot simpler and much more clearer like the moon. It still fought and pulled through its barrier despite the momentary obstruction. All the while knowing that the situation would never be permanent.

As if attuned to my thoughts, the cloud drifted away from the moon's shine and lit my path once more.

So entranced was I by the moon's actions that I didn't notice when the vehicle had drifted off from my initial path. Instead of the smooth road that ran for miles, I was met with a bumpy dirt road lined with little gravel stones.

Grinding the vehicle to a halt, I alighted from the car and took the time to get my bearings.

Unfortunately, since it was night time, my vision was restricted to a dark forest filled with Iroko trees or some weird species associated to it? I wouldn't know since it was dark and I had no knowledge of trees whatsoever.

It seemed I had unknowingly ventured into the wrong road. I took a step forward as my worn out boots crunched against the harsh stones that lined the ground. The sound that emanated after, pierced through the silence of the night.

Something was wrong.

It was unusual for a dark forest, as large as this, to be void of any sound. Not even the nocturnal animals made a noise.

The more I stood there in the middle of the forest, the more the precarity of my situation increased, instantaneously skyrocketing my fear levels past its threshold.

Goosebumps broke out the length of my body. My heart rate increased drastically with anxiety and my mind screamed at me to escape the phantom like presence the dark forest was practically laden with.

Not wanting to be a sitting duck waiting for danger to catch up to me, I moved my feet faster than normal. I moved quickly towards my vehicle and was about to enter the car when something made me stop.

My head snapped to the right as I felt it again.

My eyes zeroed in on a blur slowly emanating from a position up ahead. The dark shadows seemed too distorted. It beckoned me forward with a soft whisper, echoing my name as it blended together with the wind's flow.


Like a moth drawn to a flame, I started walking towards the direction with absolutely no control over my body! I wanted to protest and voice out my distress at the situation, but my mouth was tightly clamped shut by some sort of preternatural force

It was like I was out of luck today.

The moon's shine had mysteriously dissappeard and due to that, my vision was unfortunately limited. I could only see the faint outlines of trees and feel the ground beneath me with nothing more.

I was alone, in a dark forest, surrounded by darkness and God knows what creepy, dangerous animals that could be crawling the grounds right this moment!

I may have even breached the home range of some territorial mongrel, who wouldn't hesitate to welcome me with a set of dangerously looking pair of deadly fangs!

The more I moved forward, the more the intensity of the pull got stronger, like I was getting closer to something.

The feeling was akin to a tether moving me towards its source. No matter how hard I tried to resist, it was impossible to ignore the strong grip of the forces that held me grounded.

Terror threatened to wash over me, but I squelched it down hurriedly. Getting worked up wasn't going to help my situation. The only way forward was to stop resisting and see where this force was leading me to.

The moment I decided that thought, a strange calm and comfort washed over me. I sighed in relief as the visible strain slowly released from my body. It seemed I made the right decision.


Suddenly, a misty fog slowly materialized from the ground surface. Its wispy end, curled in beckon as it lazily moved around. Within a blink of an eye, the fog enveloped my entire being. I allowed the preternatural forces to take its course of action, instantly giving into the sensation as I closed my eyes.

Maybe this was death in disguise.

The moment I opened my eyes, the force that gripped me suddenly left me. I was momentarily bereft at the sudden loss.

Still gasping for air as I struggled to balance the sudden change, my eyes widened in disbelief and wonder at the sudden scene before me.

''Holy shit!'' I breathed out.

It was still night alright, but the view of the moon looked much more defined and surreal. Little white fireflies buzzed around lazily, leaving little droppings as they flew about. Their droppings drifted down, making it look like a miniature version of a snowfall.

The forest was enriched with wildlife and scented by the sweet smell of nature. The clouds were blanketed by an array of stars that I swore glowed with different colors.

Weren't stars supposed to be white?

My wonder grew in depths as my eyes roved over the picturesque view of tall, thin trees, stretched down to form a canopy of sorts above my head. The leaves were enriched with some kind of glittery substance that gleamed proudly under the moon's furtive gaze.

It was as if I was transported to some sort of fairy world. The idea of the possibility instantly drifted further from my mind.

Fairy world? Really?

Surely, a place as wondrous and breathtaking as this couldn't exist. Not when I had already been subjected to the horrors of life itself. Surely, life wouldn't be so cruel as to deprive me of this reprieve all my life while I poured out my distress and anger as I pleaded for some sort of rescue!

While I still internally fumed at the unfair situation I had found myself in, it took me sometime before I finally realized that I was no longer in the dark forest. There was no dirt road, my car had suddenly disappeared and I was even more confused and bereft that I was before.

Panic threatened to unfurl in my gut. The situation just became much more worse than before. Just where was I? Did I suddenly transport into another time?

Anger instantly surged through my blood as I seethed in fury. This was another one of life's way of mocking me, proving to me once more that I would always be the weak girl helpless to its challenges. I could instantly picture a malicious smirk looking down on me from above.

Well bring it on.

I was scared alright, but I wasn't going to let it control me like I did all my life. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, I infused myself with a burst of confidence.

With that in mind, I started my trek forward, determined to solve this kind of mystery I had unfortunately found myself in.


Few minutes later, after I had gone through the forest and mentally stored and mapped out its terrain in my brain, I came to the conclusion that I was officially lost.

My stomach grumbled out in disapproval as hunger pangs bit at my walls. Deciding that it was best I take a breather, I laid down on a soft patch of grass and curled myself inwards.

My breath evened out. The soft rustling of trees and the soothing echoes of the wind unburdened my mind. I had almost succumbed to its lullaby, almost, when I was startled by the rustle of the grass beneath me.

Curiosity gnawed my mind as I sat up, only for my eyes to come in contact with a pair of a large, manly feet. My eyes slowly trailed upward, from its muscular legs adorned with fine hairs, to a pair of thick, corded thighs shredded with hard, sinewy muscles.

Further up ahead, a brown clothing of sorts, a loincloth, covered his nether region, leading up to a well trimmed waist.

I suddenly became fascinated with the perfectly carved, bulge of muscles that adorned the terrain of his rigid abdomen.

It clenched and unclenched sharply, the action reminding me of a ticking time bomb ready to explode.

As my eyes canvassed the slopes of the hard curvatures of a well defined manly breasts that glistened with sweat, it fleeted towards the thick, red mane of dreadlocks scattered over his face.

The red of his locks, reached down the length of his shoulders. Specks of blood dotted his entire body. Almost as if he came out of a bloodbath. A chill went up my spine at that thought.

Like a magnetic pull pushing me forward, I was met with a pair of glacial blue eyes clashing harshly with mine. The intensity of the emotions portrayed through those depths, snapped me out of my unabashed ogling.

''Who are you?'' A growl tore out of lips that were turned down in a dangerous sneer. I took a nervous gulp, instantly branding myself dead at that moment.


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© Azeemah Jimoh,
книга «Dark Places (a werewolf story)».
Where He Seeks Dwanye
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