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I love you (Part two)
I love you When you say it what do you feel? So intimate we can be You saying it back makes me feel so high Can't we stay in that place of love? Where nothing is wrong and everything's right When I write these words I fall deeper in love again with you I've never been so in love Never admired someone so much I just wanna see us grow together and care for one another I love you Seeing you smile at me, laugh with me and go out with me Those are the things that make me so happy to be with you Be with me too, do new things Experience real love with me
I love you
(I'm going to make another part of this soon) enjoy. I love you is something more than just that To explain love you'd have to have trust If there's no trust then there's most certainly going to be a hard time loving Love isn't easy and all those cheesy movies Love is hard work, even if you're tired Love is putting them as a priority, sometimes even before yourself And it's crazy, love can hurt you; leave you guessing and questioning what's to come Love can forgive, love can resent and sin But to begin this love everyone seems to want so much, you have to love yourself first That's the hardest part; to love what you look at in the mirror To truly see your flaws before another's And to grow from there That's something that can not only help you but your soon to be love You have to believe in yourself Give yourself a chance to love itself back And, then I believe love will come easier That doesn't mean there won't be any problems, no matter what we do there will always be problems Remember that love doesn't try and change you It doesn't make you feel alone It's supposed to make you feel less alone Like this one person understands everything about you They know the flaws, you know there's And yet their still here to care To grow together is to love truly Improve yourself, know the worth you have Love unconditionally because you never know when that love is going to leave
You're losing me
You're losing me soon I've done too much to you as you've done to me I'm losing touch with myself Can't help but think it's all my fault Don't worry I'll be fine for now but keep in mind that I'll always remember the fights The days we chose to have no compromise It's killing me to just see my heart break in front of your face like this I'm so pissed I feel like I can't get out of this mindset unless you change I want to stay, believe me I do But staying is only going to hurt me now You're just going to have to let me drown I won't make it easier I won't believe a word you say I'm tired of losing to a game that I've already played Make it easier on us and just trust that I know what's best I promise I wouldn't put you in a place you wouldn't want to be Or at least I tried to not have that happen to you If I ever did make you feel something other than love I'm truly sorry for that pain I caused I know you're flawed, so am I But we need to find a solution Something, quick.. Please I don't know how much more I can take