Reality and pre-story
4 years of waiting
The moment for us
The hidden face
Opening reality
Hurtful truth
Changing life
Step by step
New life
Changing life
From time to time things were going out of control, mental health got worse, depression, one more suicide trial. Then I've realized it can't go that way anymore, I started therapy after awhile, I started to pick myself up , build myself again peace by peace, starting to recover, things started to get better, I got out of this addiction to her, got over her completely and even though it still takes time to build myself again but I started to feel much better than before, I was completely lost and shocked, didn't know what to do but time changed my life completely and not just time but a person who stayed by my side at my worst moments knowing how hurt I was and not paying attention to all my horrible actions and words at that time to him, every time I was doing or saying something stupid his reaction was sincere smile cuz he knew it wasn't real me , I wouldn't want to hurt him.
© Sophia ,
книга «Silence and love».