Reality and pre-story
4 years of waiting
The moment for us
The hidden face
Opening reality
Hurtful truth
Changing life
Step by step
New life
Opening reality
Going a bit before our  «relationships» she was «dating» actually same using my now best friend. She came to her town and used her to get her songs ( she was a rapper) to be payed by her, used her for money for month and she was texting with her for now ex girlfriend as I now since last year in front of that one she was living with. After, we accidentally found each other on social media and we started to talk - she told me the whole reality, it was totally different from that version that «partner» told and it was a nightmare which I didn't believe until it all started to be with me and when it did I was thinking « maybe my attitude and love will change her » nuts me! NO! Nothing in this world can change narcissist and abuser ! EVER! I kept tolerating it for 1,5 with pain and tears at night, started to experience panic attacks, got back to my eating disorder because I « wasn't perfect enough », every single time I was feeling like something is wrong, like... I'm going crazy. I WASN'T, IT WAS DUMB MANIPULATION , GASLIGHTED AND ABUSED BY HER. It wasn't enough to get out of this shit, wasn't...
© Sophia ,
книга «Silence and love».