Reality and pre-story
4 years of waiting
The moment for us
The hidden face
Opening reality
Hurtful truth
Changing life
Step by step
New life
Step by step
It was that person I rejected, friend-zoned  the WHOLE TIME while I was trying to stay  with her breaking myself in peaces but even through all these stupid things he saw and heard, after all I've done he was the one who stayed and the one who loved, cared, listened and understood no matter what. He was a friend that didn't left even when it hurts talking about her, was that man that I could always count on, that person that supported me through all of this... now I'm thinking about it and asking myself « how could I be so blind?» Seeing someone who loves and someone who plays with you... two different people, different attitude but I was blindly addicted - love to her turned to addition I hardly got rid of .
© Sophia ,
книга «Silence and love».