Reality and pre-story
4 years of waiting
The moment for us
The hidden face
Opening reality
Hurtful truth
Changing life
Step by step
New life
Reality and pre-story
Hi, dear reader! It's time for you to know my story: My name is Sophia, I'm 17 and I'm a survivor of abusive and domestic relationships that lasted for 1,5 and abuse in family but about this one we'll talk later. Maybe it sounds strange or insane to you and you think " You are only 17!" but yes, teen-agers do, have situations like that in relationships suddenly. In my case it was my first relationships in life and they turned to the real nightmare in my life that I'm still struggling with. But I'm grearful for lessons to that person, because I've actually learned a lot of them and I've realized what love actually isn't.
© Sophia ,
книга «Silence and love».