Reality and pre-story
4 years of waiting
The moment for us
The hidden face
Opening reality
Hurtful truth
Changing life
Step by step
New life
The moment for us
It was September 15 , I remember that night conversation between us at 3AM how she was lying to me saying that she likes me, wanna be with me but we can't be official just because her « girlfriend» had bpd and she is struggling and that she was so scared to leave her because of it all , like she was scared « What if she'll try to kill herself?» The thing I had in my mind was « If only you knew how much I've done it because of you stupid» but I didn't say that to her... now I wish I would, I wish I wouldn't believe her bullshit and didn't give any chance but on the other hand - thanks for lessons, dear ex « friend with benefits»... yeah, that's how I was called in front of her other girls. At the moment of our talk she said « Give me some time, I swear I'll leave her!» all I said was « I still love you, I'm gonna give it a chance» even though my mind were screaming « DON'T DO THAT!» I did but I didn't knew how things will turn out. 
© Sophia ,
книга «Silence and love».