My Art
. . . . . . . . Like quality of a pen zero when there is no ink That's like quality of a picture zero when there is no beautiful color . . . . . This art design by me
2020-07-22 01:38:14
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Valour And Faith
@nsh_naz Thank you very much dii I will be miss you 😔😔
2020-07-30 20:14:37
Valour And Faith
@Soumyadip Thanks a lot Dip bhai 💗💗
2020-07-30 20:14:53
Valour And Faith
@shadowlinxxx morgan Thank you very much sis ❤❤❤💗💗
2020-07-30 20:15:13
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Don't know what to do
I wanna making you laugh, I wanna making you smile. Please do not kill this love, I'm only touched you while You was wondering by my warmth. I don't know what to do without you; So many days ago you brought Small hope into my boring life, too. Blue eyes like an immense ocean, Your first words like a dream. I'm fall in love with you more, However reckless it may seem. My little devilish angel With radiant smile, You are my own danger. I will always stay inside Your hot heart. You taught me, that memories Are never die, So for me it isn't very dangerous. You are here, but at a so long distance Of many kilometers in eternity. Your care and worry about me amazed My heart. Next to you is no adversity. I don't know what to do without you, My first and single soulmate. Don't kill this love, don't kill me too... Our love appeared from my hate. It is a turning point now, So what will you choose? Yes, you don't know, how... But we really cannot lose! ____________ And there is nothing more pleasant yet than to feel the love of a person who hates everyone now. Перевод на русский: © (Copyright, 2019) ⓝⓞⓡⓐ
Пора нахлынувших надежд
Устаю сегодня рано Без кошмаров и тревог, День начну без одеяла Улыбаясь небу полных облоков Обниму своего друга , Что на подоконнике взгруснул , Прошептав ,что скоро лето дружно , Обязательно к нам в гости сможет заглянуть. С ним и множество событий Впереди ждёт только смех , Разве можно одним мигом Передать всю радость от поры нахлынувших надежд.