No renuncian, queriendo (por los motivos del filme con el mismo nombre
Juraba le amar hasta la muerte, Que estará con él eternamente. Y fue furiosa, que de nuevo otra Le para se hechizará. Y que estén en matrimonio, Con cuerpo sólo con mujer. Y otra el corazón dereta, Le pertenece el alma toda. El volará a la cuidad lejana, Es un piloto, la orden tal. El vuelo es muy peligroso, y llora tanto el corazón, Pero él tiene que volar. Cuando de pronto va el problema, Su esposa aceptó y se marchó. Murió el piloto, bueno, bien, Pero la que ama, no pudó. No cree en la muerte, espera y más, «Sensatos» argumentos no oyendo. Y aquí el premio, en un año La voz querido sonará. No renuncian, queriendo, Y aún la muerte puede irse, Cuando no puedes despedirse. No renuncian, queriendo...
2020-07-06 20:44:03
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Oh my love song
This is a song I wrote 2 years ago,it's not good but I had 1 day to prepare it for a project.I had to perform it with my friend violet,and it wasn't that bad. Oh my love what happend here,break me until I have no tears.Oh my love what happend here,you make me feel so sad and bad but in the end it's this and that.Oh my love what happend here,I cry and cry till the tears are dry.Oh my love,Oh my love.Ive waited long for you to come,I've waited for you to love me.Oh my love we had it all,but in the end we lost it all.Love can fade just like your life,love can hurt and burn until the ashes crash and turn.Oh my love our souls are connected,but why do i feel them drifting apart.Oh my love we dont have time,you will soon leave me all behind.Oh my love I always knew that in the end,our love would defend our hearts.I stare at the stars,and feel you watching me.Oh my love,I shouldn't love you,but I do.. Lillian xx
Don't know what to do
I wanna making you laugh, I wanna making you smile. Please do not kill this love, I'm only touched you while You was wondering by my warmth. I don't know what to do without you; So many days ago you brought Small hope into my boring life, too. Blue eyes like an immense ocean, Your first words like a dream. I'm fall in love with you more, However reckless it may seem. My little devilish angel With radiant smile, You are my own danger. I will always stay inside Your hot heart. You taught me, that memories Are never die, So for me it isn't very dangerous. You are here, but at a so long distance Of many kilometers in eternity. Your care and worry about me amazed My heart. Next to you is no adversity. I don't know what to do without you, My first and single soulmate. Don't kill this love, don't kill me too... Our love appeared from my hate. It is a turning point now, So what will you choose? Yes, you don't know, how... But we really cannot lose! ____________ And there is nothing more pleasant yet than to feel the love of a person who hates everyone now. Перевод на русский: © (Copyright, 2019) ⓝⓞⓡⓐ